METL - Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited
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METL - Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited
METL - Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited

About Us

METL is a Group of companies operating across such a diverse range of industry sectors that its business touches the daily lives of Tanzanians across the country. The Group manufactures and markets a colourful range of food products, beverages, cleansing materials, textiles, entertainment electronics, household appliances, and just about everything else that is essential for day-to-day living. More

METL - Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited


The METL business philosophy is very simple: to continue to be a driving force in Tanzania’s private sector, achieving a dominant presence in the company’s core business sectors whilst creating sustainable industrial development and innovation that meet the needs of people of Tanzania and in other countries within the region.

TRADING - Our Foundation Base

metl tradingMETL was founded on trading which continues to be a crucial core sector for the Group. In fact, the trading division has become stronger and more competitive since METL embarked on its vertical integration strategy and diversified into manufacturing.

MANUFACTURING - Adding Value Trough Processing

metl manufacturingMETL Group entered the manufacturing field in late 1990’s with a view to process locally available raw materials like cotton, maize, rice, edible oils, sisal etc and to strengthen the manufacturing of processed products within the country together with agriculture.

AGRICULTURE - Investing in Grassroots

metl manufacturingMETL expanded and diversified its business into agriculture in 1997 as part of its strategic vertical integration focus, designed to complement the company’s trading and manufacturing divisions.

DISTRIBUTION - Reaching Our Customers

metl manufacturingIn a country the size of Tanzania where the majority of people live in rural areas, ensuring an effective reach to every consumer is absolutely vital to the success of any business dealing in consumer goods.

METL - Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited
METL - Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited
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